Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Your Opinion - Jacky

Hello again! I just wanted to thank everyone who's read this blog, (300 and something page views?! That's amazing, even if a good chunk of those are probably mine) it's truly amazing to see.
So earlier this week I sent out a survey about the dress code here at Treasure, and received 16 responses. So what did students have to say about our dress code? Here are a few responses that stood out to me:
I think the new rules have gone overboard and are starting to be very unreasonable.
I hate it. It's completely directed towards girls, so it's very much sexist. It perpetuates rape culture, planting the message in our heads that if a girl wears something that shows her basic anatomy, she is asking to be looked at in a sexual way. Well, that is bullsh*t.
Gee wiz Jacky, I have so much to say! Firstly, I HATE IT! I am a very modest person who never wears leggings alone, never wears tank tops to school, and always follow the rules. The dress code, however, has gone too far. I personally think scarves are stylish, make me look better and keep me nice and cozy in the winter. Also, I don't usually wear belts anyway but... THEY HOLD OUR PANTS UP! What would you rather? Low riding teens or kids with belts that could possibly maybe be used for inappropriate reasons? The dress code is dumb, and they might as well make us wear uniforms at this rate.
I hate the dress code so much that if it was a person I would stab in in the neck.
I don't like it. I feel like the dress code is very bias when it comes to genders. I feel like they are telling girls like us that hiding our bodies is more important then education, and that the boys deserve more learning than us. I also feel like the dress code is just adding in stuff just to make the girls singled out. Besides, who sags their pants? Who wears muscle shirts at this school? Besides, most of us girls don't wear tank tops or short shorts to get boys attention. We might just want to wear them because they are comfortable and fashionable. Maybe its warm out? But noooo, we are forced to cover like every inch of our bodies because its very "distracting." I hate the dress code, I think its very unfair.

As you can see, people tend to have a few problems with the dress code here. Granted, I surveyed mostly girls, but the dress code is all about us, after all. The majority of opinions were very strong, and rightfully so.

I also asked what changes these students wanted to see in the dress code, and their requests were absolutely reasonable. We should be able to wear hats, comfortable clothes (seriously, do you realize how comfy yoga pant are?), and overall being able to express ourselves the way we want to. And no, that doesn't mean showing up wearing bikinis paired with neon pink hair adorned with flashing lights. All we're asking for is more tolerance towards students and what we feel happy and confident in.
Again thank you to everyone who participated in taking the survey! Hopefully it will help.

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